10 Communication 

Candidates should be able to: 

10.1 communicate with other ICT users using email 

describe the constraints that affect the use of email, including: the laws within a country, acceptable language, copyright, local guidelines set by an employer, the need for security, netiquette, password protection 

define the term spam 

explain why spam needs to be prevented 

describe the methods which can be used to help prevent spam 

explain why email groups are used

10.2 effective use of the internet 

fundamentals of the internet – define the terms internet and intranet – explain the differences between the internet, an intranet and the World Wide Web (WWW) – explain the concept of storage in the cloud – define and understand the terms: HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), HyperText Transfer Protocol secure variant (HTTPS), Uniform Resource Locator (URL), hyperlink, Internet Service Provider (ISP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – describe the structure of a web address – explain what a web browser is used for – explain what a search engine is used for – define the term blog and describe the use of a blog as a means of communication – define the term wiki and describe the use of a wiki as a means of communication – define the term social networking and describe the use of social networking websites as a means of communication 

advantages and disadvantages of using the internet – explain why the internet is so popular, giving reasons such as the amount of information available and the speed of accessing information – explain why an internet search to find relevant information is not always fast – explain why it is not always easy to find reliable information on the internet – explain how to evaluate the reliability of information found on the internet