13 Layout 

Candidates should be able to: 

Note: The word ‘document’ in this section relates to any of the applications used within  sections 16 to 21. 

use software tools to prepare a basic document to match the purpose and target audience – create a new document or, where appropriate, open an existing document – enter text and numbers – use editing techniques to manipulate text and numbers, including: highlight, delete, move, cut, copy, paste, drag and drop – place objects into the document from a variety of sources, including: text, image, screenshot, spreadsheet extract, database extract, clip art or chart – create a table with a specified number of rows and columns – format a table and its contents – place text or objects in a table – wrap text around a table, chart or image, including: above, below, square and tight 

use software tools to use headers and footers appropriately within a range of software packages – create headers and footers – align consistently within a document the contents of the header and footer including: to left margin, right margin and centre of the page  – place automated objects in headers and footers, including: automated file information, automated page numbering, text, date, time – explain why headers and footers are needed