14 Styles 

Candidates should be able to: 

understand the purpose of a corporate house style and ensure that all work produced matches this – produce documents which conform to a corporate house style  – explain what is meant by corporate branding/house style 

apply styles to ensure consistency of presentation – explain why consistent styles are required – apply consistent styles using a variety of application packages – ensure that page/slide layout is consistent, including: font styles, text alignment, spacing between lines, spacing between paragraphs, spacing before and after headings – create and apply an appropriate style, including: font type (serif, sans-serif), point size, font colour, alignment, line spacing, style of bullets, text alignment to the left, right, centre or fully justified – select an appropriate font style for a task, taking into account the audience – use text enhancement, including: bold, underline, italic, highlight – create and apply paragraph style(s) with a new style name to match the corporate house style